Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love It List + Fit2Be Coupon

 In an effort to spread the love & because I believe in the power of positive thinking, here are the things I'm loving this week!

Not having to lug the car seat into the store anymore.
Aymen Grace's first trip to the pool.
One cup of this tea every night.
What are you loving this week?! Tell me in the comments!

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Before I go, I'm happy to announce that I have recently become an affiliate with Fit2Be Studio: Wholesome Workouts for the Whole Family! I received a free 2-month trial membership as part of the Ultimate Homemaker eBook bundle and was very excited to get started. There are over 50 workout videos on the site currently with new ones being uploaded each week. Every workout is "tummy safe" i.e. safe for those who suffer from Diastasis...which is the cause for the after pregnancy 'pooch' that we all have! Click here for instructions on how to check if you have diastasis.

The workouts are easy to follow & you can choose different intensity workout paths. I did their Totally Transverse workout video for 2 weeks and lost 1" off of my natural waist!! I was so excited! It  only took about 10 minutes every other day for 2 weeks...with absolutely NO crunches!

I strongly encourage you to check them out! If you decide to enroll, use the code "faithfulff" to get 3 months of membership for only $20! That's a $10 savings! You can also use the code "faithfulff" to get $10 off a yearly membership! Not only are you getting some awesome workout opportunities, you'll have to opportunity to join the private Facebook Members Forum to receive updates, encouragment, and hear other success stories! And by using my code, you are helping out THREE families financially! Thank you in advance!!

*This is an affiliate link. I receive financial compensation for purchases made through my blog.*

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